Lucca, Italy

What to see and where to stay in Lucca

The town of Lucca is probably the most charming of the "art cities" of Tuscany, Italy. Lucca is small enough to make strolling to every corner of it a pleasure, even in mid-summer, and its intact city wall has been converted into a relaxing promenade. The Apuan Alps form the backdrop of Lucca and the alpine area known as the Garfagnana is well worth more than one day trip.

Vacation accommodations and hotels in Lucca.

The principal architectural masterpieces of Lucca are the Duomo of San Martino and the Church of San Frediano, while the Palazzo Pubblico now contains a fine gallery of paintings and a collection of illuminated manuscripts. There are innumerable other artistic and architectural delights to be sought out and experienced in Lucca.

Lucca is also the location of a number of annual festivals, of which the most famous is the Festa della Esaltazione della Santa Croce which takes place on 13 September each year.

Lucca Italy

Lucca, with the Apuan Alps in the background

Lucca amphitheatre

The site of the Roman amphitheatre of Lucca


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